Data Warehousing

Majority of leading firms are investing in analytics to develop new products and to enhance their existing sales – a smart way to maximize profits

Capturing the unruly ‘Big data’ as well as structured data from both internal and external sources is the first step towards the analytics. Integrating the data from these various sources will yield new insights through predictive and prescriptive models.

According to Gartner’s Strategic Planning Assumptions:

    By 2020, smart, governed, Hadoop/Spark-, search- and visual-based data discovery capabilities will converge into a single set of next-generation data discovery capabilities as components of modern BI and analytics platforms. By 2021, the number of users of modern BI and analytics platforms that are differentiated by smart data discovery capabilities will grow at twice the rate of those that are not, and will deliver twice the business value.

    Tek Value's resources bring in the expertise that your organization needs - be it building the traditional enterprise data warehouse for capturing information or implementing the Business Intelligence software for querying and reporting the data, or building a big data solution using Hadoop framework along with NoSQL databases. A development from scratch or mid-way handling - our experts take effective steps to understand the process and work for an optimum output. More organizations are modernizing their BI and Analytics platforms to more user-driven, visual and interactive dashboards with data coming from various sources.