UK Visa Services

The United Kingdom is without a doubt one of the most sought after destinations to live, work, and study from the beginning of time. There are amazing attractions that makes it one of the top choices for immigration. There are various types of visas issued on the basis of purpose of entry into GB. However, there are strict and restrictive immigration policies and rules. There is a point – based selection criteria. There are five major tiers for immigration to the United Kingdom.

However, each one of them have sub -tiers or sub- categories for the same. Each year several people from different countries go there to settle down. Likewise, many Indians too like to go to UK for employment and migration. In the UK 5 Tier Visa system, the skilled workers who wish to work there can check out the UK Tier 2 General Visa to apply the UK Tier 2 Work Permit. For this it requires an employer sponsorship certificate and many other strict conditions.

UK Tier 2 General Visa – This visa class is specifically for the skilled workers with a job offer in the United Kingdom. Generally, if there is a labor shortage for a particular field due to the resident/ British citizen skills shortage, this visa category is open. Moreover, due to the number of other eligible visa holders who would change over to this visa within the UK & from around the world, the sponsorship certificates issued annually is capped or limited. There are three other categories for including (i) UK Tier 2 Intra – Company Transfer, (ii) UK Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) & (ii) UK Tier 2 – Sportsperson. For each of these visa categories there is strict specifications for qualifying under certain UK Tier visa. There are also sub – categories, minimum score the candidate must clear with minimum points, and dependent members criteria also. Hence, take the assistance or guidance of professional visa/ immigration consultants to know more.